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SL-CF Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

Specifications : SIME-SYNTHETIC 10W/40 API SL/CF

Features :

  • Compliant with the highest level regulation SL/CL in API American Petroleum Institution.

Description :

  • Containing cleaning synthetic additive.  Preventing carbon deposition and keeping your parts as new as possible.
  • Outstanding wear-resistance, quick start up at low temperature, and give full scope to lubrication effect.
  • Made from special synthetic polymer.  Highly oxidation-resistant.  Endurable for running at thermal environment while keeping the slick touch.

Application :

  • Specially designed for engine structure used in new automobile models so that it gives full scope to the best engine performance.  Can be used for new and old models.
  • Suitable for gasoline and diesel engines with turbo charge, fuel injection, multi valve and computer-controlled for new automobile models in Europe, America and Japanese brand.
SpecificationsFlash point °CFlowing Point °CViscosityVITBN mg koh/gAPI Classification
40 °C100 °C
SAE 10W/40 232 -35 °C 96 14.5 157 7 SL/CF