4T Semi-Synthetic 15W / 50

Meet the specifications API SL JASO MA-II

Description :

  • This is a type of 4-stroke 15W50 semi synthetic motorcycle oil, aiming to safeguard your engine against high temperatures, carbon deposition, and wear. Crafted for the demanding needs of motorcycles, this advanced formula of 15W50 semi synthetic engine oil offers superior lubrication, temperature stability, and reduced friction, enhancing engine efficiency and longevity. If you need more products, please contact Max-Lube motorcycle lubricant supplier.
  • Protect the engine to prevent carbon deposition and wear at high temperatures.
  • Even under harsh working conditions, 15W50 engine oil can still maintain outstanding engine performance.
  • 15W50 motorcycle oil can support stable engine protection.
  • Low oil loss and good anti-oxidation properties.

Application :

  • For locomotive engines, jet engines, and ceramic cylinder engines, 15W50 motorcycle oil can be applied.

Packing 1LX24, 0.8LX24