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Heat Transfer Oil

Specifications : TH22

Description :

  • Viscosity won’t change notably with the variation in temperature.
  • Under the specified operating condition, it can counteract oxidation and high temperature with its natural stability.
  • High efficiency, low steam pressure and not smelly. 
  • Make full use of indirect heat transfer under suitable temperature.

Application :

  • Household and industrial heating.
  • The steam and hot water production.
  • The air-conditioning.
  • Storage Temperature.
  • heating heat exchange system (countercurrent exchanger).
  • All kinds of heat medium system (piping, pumps, etc ..).
  • The oil bath heating systems, pressure cooker, reaction tank, furnace, mold, tunnel dryer, rubber / plastic injection molding machines, ... etc.
  • Process use (cement, paper, wood, etc ...).

Advantage :

  • good thermal stability.
  • The high flash point.
  • High viscosity index.
SpecificationsFlash point °CFlow point °CViscosityVIWick temperature limitFilm temperature limitSpecific Gravity
40 °C100 °C
TH22 230 -15 31.5 5.3 102 270 °C 310 °C 0.86