Low smoke two stroke oil

Meet the specifications API TC JASO FC ISO-EDG

Description :

  • 2 stroke motorcycle engine oil from Max-Lube delivers excellent lubrication, reducing friction and heat buildup within the engine, which can help extend the life cycle of the sparkplug and engine. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern engines, 2 stroke motorcycle engine oil serves as an essential component for maximizing engine longevity and maintaining peak performance for riders across diverse riding conditions.
  • Complete combustion and keep spark plug and exhaust system clean.
  • Avoid piston ring seat from being sticky and carbon deposition.
  • With our 2 stroke motorcycle oil, it is easy to start up at low temperatures.

Application :

  • 2 stroke motorcycle engine oil is suitable for air cooling and water cooling two-stroke gasoline engine. (25: 1)

Packing 0.7LX24