High Performance Four-Stroke Engine with Lubricating Oil SAE 15W50

Meet the specifications : API SL / CF-4, JASO MA2

Description :

  • Suitable for high horsepower multi-valve, four-stroke engine.
  • Start at low temperature quickly, and can instantly play a lubricating effect.
  • With excellent anti-wear and high anti-oxidation effect, can protect the engine, to extend engine life.
  • Good cleaning effect, will not produce sludge and fouling.

Application :

  • Designed for four-stroke engine structure designed to play the highest engine performance, both new and old models are applicable.
  • For air-cooled cultivator and small van four-stroke engine, the Japanese brands. Type four stroke engine with fuel injection. Multi-valve and other new four-stroke engine.

Packing :  200L, 5GAL, 4L, 1L