High Performance Graphite (Moly) Complex Diesel Engine Oil SAE 15W50

Meet the specificationsMOLY API SL / CI-4 TBN 12

Description :

  • High viscosity index engine oil, then mixed with excellent Moly additive. At high temperatures, a tough film of oil can be created inside the engine to reduce engine operating temperatures, stabilize horsepower, make the throttle lighter and make the engine run smoother.
  • Thigh TBN value, can effectively protect the engine and bearings, to avoid acid erosion caused by combustion of high-sulfur fuel, it can extend the oil change cycle, increase engine life.
  • With a strong clean. Anti-oxidation. Shear resistance. Anti-wear and other characteristics, significant fuel-efficient.

Application :

  • High-speed, heavy-duty diesel engines such as large trucks, trailers, express buses, generators and construction machinery.

Packing:  1000L, 200L, 5GAL, 4L