Long Life CVT Auto Transmission Fluid

Meet the specifications :A High Performance CVT additive package designed specifically for Honda Continuously Variable Transmissions. 

Description :

  • Extended friction durability provides superior anti-jitter performance and improved driving comfort. Long-lasting self-draining oil developed for CVT transmission system requirements.
  • It has excellent viscosity stability, shear resistance, detergency and high oxidation resistance, and can provide long-term protection of CVT self-distributing box.
  • Excellent anti-jitter performance, even under high temperature operating load, does not hurt the oil seal.

Application :

European and American and Japanese CVT transmission systems require long-acting self-discharging vehicles.

Audi Multitronic 、BMW Mini Cooper EZL 799A /ZF CVT V1 、

Chery CVT Daihatsu AMMIX CVTF DFE/Fluid DC/DFC/Fluid TC

、GM/Saturn DEX-CVT、Honda HMMF/HCF2/Z-1 (CVT model,

without starting clutch, not Yes for 2001-2007 Honda Fit & Jazz),

CVT、Hyundai/Kia CVT-J1/ SP III (CVT model)、Idemitsu CVTS-EX1

、Mazda JWS 3320、MG Rover EM-CVT、Mitsubishi CVTF-J1

(MMC Diaqueen CVT Fluid J1)/ CVTF-J4 and -J4+ (MMC Diaqueen

CVT Fluid J4 and J4+)/ ( Diaqueen) SP-III (CVT model only)、Nissan

KTF-1/ NS-1/NS-2/NS-3、Punch CVT、Renault Elf Matic CVT、Shell

Green 1V、Subaru ICVT/ iCVT FG/ ECVT/ Lineartronic chain CVT and

CVT II Fluid/ Lineartronic High Torque (HT) CVT Fluid/NS-2、Suzuki

CVTF TC/ CVTF 3320/ NS-2/ CVT Green  1 & 2/ CVT Green  1V、

Toyota CVTF TC/ CVTF FE、Volvo CVT 4959、VW/Audi TL 521 16

(G 052 516)/ TL 521 80 (G 052 180 A2)

Packing :  1000L, 200L, 5GAL, 4L, 1L