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Non-Ferrous Metals Press Oils

Specifications : N30

Description :

This series of products to hydrocarbon solvents and ester-based, in line with EU regulations and environmental protection regulations and make the process a smooth surface to prevent product breakdown, protect the mold, after processing without cleaning, surface stamping and forming volatile oil itself dry surface.

Features :

  • Does not contain chlorine, and silicon.
  • Low odor, can reduce discomfort staff.
  • Improve lubrication, enhance surface finish.
  • Excellent non-ferrous metal corrosion protection.

Application :

air-conditioning and heat sink fins Radiator stamping.

Physical characteristics :

ItemsAppearance (Visual)Specific weight at15°CCopper test ASTM D 130Flash Point °C
N30 Transparent 0.78 1-100A3 38