High-performance four-stroke engine with lubricating oil SAE 15W40

Meet the specifications : API SL / CF-4, JASO MA2

Description :

  • Suitable for high horsepower multi-valve, four-stroke engine.
  • Start at low temperature quickly, and can instantly play a lubricating effect.
  • SAE 15W40 4-stroke oil is engineered with superior anti-wear and high anti-oxidation capabilities, able to safeguard the engine of agricultural machines, significantly extending its operational lifespan. Besides, SAE 15W40 4-stroke oil maintains consistent viscosity across a broad temperature range, providing reliable lubrication during cold starts while offering excellent protection at high operating temperatures. For more products like SAE 10W40 synthetic diesel engine oil, come to contact us.
  • Good cleaning effect, will not produce sludge and fouling.

Application :

  • Designed for four-stroke engine structure designed to play the highest engine performance, both new and old models are applicable.
  • For air-cooled cultivator and small van four-stroke engine, the Japanese brands. Type four stroke engine with fuel injection. Multi-valve and other new four-stroke engine.

Packing : 200L, 5GAL, 4L, 1L