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MTC Synthetic Thermal Chain Oil

Specifications : MTC, MTR

Description :

  • Outstanding adhesion to chain and anti-oxidation.  Wear-resistance and endurable for heavy duty.
  • Low evaporation.  Stay humid and not carbonized under thermal environment for long term.  Extend the life cycle of the oil.  Increase its economic effectiveness.
  • Made from special synthetic ester.  Great adhesion to the chains under thermal environment.  Not dropping, no thick smoke and odourless.  No solid residue after long term usage, so it keeps the chains clean to reach the purpose of energy saving and economic effectiveness.
  • Suitable temperature +10 °C ~ 300 °C
SpecificationsFlash point °CFlow point °CViscosityVIAN classificationsASTN Hue ASTNSpecific gravity
40 °C100 °C
MTC 248 -45 220 27.8 163 0.06 1.0 0.86
MTR 252 -38 335 38.3 164 0.06 1.0 0.86