No Heavy-Duty Zinc Ash Circulating Hydraulic Oil

Specifications : AH32, AH46, AH68

Description :

  • High performance ashless, non-zinc and non-silicon design hydraulic oil to meet the most stringent requirements, abrasion resistance, and can effectively extend machinery life.
  • High thermal stability, high temperature prevents sludge generated is supplied to a variety of hydraulic systems operating under the most difficult circumstances of use, such as: machine tools, injection molding, especially heavy use of the hydraulic system. Have good filtration.
  • A dry, the resistance to hydrolysis resistance, prevents filter blockage, anti-emulsification, and can be quickly separated from the water and has excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.
  • And other hydraulic oil has excellent compatibility, not only no ash, no zinc - calcium .- recommended for use in low load gear, sliding and rolling bearings, air compressors, servo motor and equipped with sophisticated filtering system Control System.

Application :

  • Suitable for heavy duty hydraulic equipment, construction machinery, gear pump and blade wheel pump.
SpecificationsViscosityFlash point °CVIFlowing Point °CTAN Full Acid Value TANAPI ClassificationSpecific Gravity
40 °C100 °C
AH32 32 5.3 220 102 -27  0.61  L1.0  0.855
AH46 46 6.9 236 102 -27  0.62  L1.0  0.86
AH68 68 8.7 248 100 -24  0.63  L1.0  0.86