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Oiliness Metal Working Oil Series

Specifications : MI-0332

Description :

Containing sulfur, chlorine, calcium and synthetic extreme pressure additive, anti-oxidation additive. Specially designed for heavy cutting such as threading, drilling and reaming for stainless steel and high carbon steel. It can smoothen the surface of the working piece and extend the life cycle of the tools.

Features :

  • Odourless, Reduce the discomfort of the operation personnel.
  • Outstanding rust-resistance.

Characteristics :

Item MI-0332
Outlook (Visual) Light transparent
Color ASTM D1500 L 2.5
Specific gravity at15 °C 0.87
Flash point °C 220
Viscosity 40 °C cst 37
TAN (mgKOH/g) 0.81
Steel test ASTm D130 1-100A3