Organic Molybdenum Extreme Pressure Gear Oil MOLY SAE 140

Meets specifications : API GL-5, ZF TE-ML 07A

Description :

  • Organic Molybdenum engine oil is fit for heavy-duty applications. It contains organic molybdenum extreme pressure additives, anti-foam and rust-proof additive gear oil.
  • With anti-wear protection, organic molybdenum engine oil can reduce operating noise, increase heat resistance, improve the anti-oxidation effect, there Effectively reduce the working temperature, viscosity stability, no interference with the seal.
  • HY-POID gear in the worst case, can get the maximum protection.

Application :

  • Screed, Scooter, Scooter, Agitator Scroll Gear, Tractor Plow Rotary Plow Gearbox and Chain, Construction Machinery, Differential and Industrial Reduction Gear for Extreme Pressure Type.

Packing : 200L, 5GAL, 4L, 200ml