Long-acting multi-stage diesel engine oil SAE 15W40

Meet the specifications API SL / CH-4 / CI-4 ACEA E7-16 MB 228.3 VDS-3

Description :

  • The use of high viscosity index base oil refining, low temperature start easy, high viscosity viscosity stability, can reduce fuel consumption and reduce wear and tear.
  • High-performance additives to provide oxidation resistance and clean diffusion can reduce the accumulation of piston ring residue and piston ring glue situation.
  • High anti-oxidation properties, can withstand long-term operation, to extend the life of oil and oil change intervals, Yong Bao engine  new.

Application :

  • For turbocharged engines, high-speed heavy-duty diesel engines, and large diesel generators, trucks, trailers, high-speed buses, construction machinery.

Packing 1000L, 200L, 5GAL, 4L, 1L