SAE 20W/50 High-Performance Compound Stage Diesel Engine Oil

Specifications : API SL/CG-4

Description :

  • High viscosity index which have engine start up at low temperature easily with good viscosity stability at high temperature and outstanding lubricating performance.
  • With high-efficiency supplement providing anti-oxidation capability and reducing the chances of wear and corruption. Provides great cleaning and dispersing effect after long time service.
  • High TBN performance sustains long time operation.  Low oil consumption keeps engine new forever.

Application :

  • Suitable for turbo charging engine, high-speed and heavy-duty diesel engine, big diesel electric generator, big truck, trailor, high-speed bus and construction machinery.
SpecificationsFlash point °CFlow point °CViscosityVITBN mg koh/gAPI Classification
40 °C100 °C
SAE 20W/50 250 -29 166.4 18.3 123 8.9 CG-4