SAE40 High-Performance Diesel Engine Oil

Specifications : API SH/CF

Description :

  • Outstanding cleaning and dispersing effect which can avoid greasy filth and reduce the chances of carbon deposition and stuck in piston ring.
  • High-efficiency supplement providing anti-oxidation at high temperature and reduce the chances of wear and corruption to the engine.
  • Great shear resistance protects engine components.  Stabilized oxidation which reduces the speed of oil degradation and increases the duration of service.

Application :

  • Suitable for high-speed and heavy-duty diesel engine, such as big truck, trailor, high-speed bus, electric generator and construction machinery.
SpecificationsFlash point °CFlow point °CViscosityVITBN mg koh/gAPI Classification
40 °C100 °C
SAE 40 260 -15 151.6 14.6 95 10 CF