Semisynthetic Hydrophilic Cutting Coolant SMJ-519

Specifications : 5GAL, 50GAL

Description :

  • Suitable for common cutting and grinding process for ferrous metal, low and medium carbon steel and copper.
  • Outstanding low frothiness, and the cleaning ability is suitable for the process which required low frothiness or soft water. It helps keep the machine and working pieces clean.
  • With synthetic ester EP - effectively protect and extend the life cycle of the tools.
  • Outstanding bio-stability eliminates rotten problem of cutting coolant and extends the life cycle of the cutting coolant.
  • Environment friendly ingredients – without Chlorine, Nitrite Fe and heavy metals.

Application :

  • Suitable for medium and heavy duty lathing, milling and grinding process.

Suggested ratio :

  • heavy duty 1:10, PH:9.2
  • general 1:20, PH:9.0 - 9.1
  • refractive index 1:10 - 6