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Semisynthetic Hydrophilic Cutting Coolant SMJ-534

Specifications : 5GAL, 50GAL

Description :

  • High-performance semisynthetic hydrophilic machining coolant mainly for aluminum alloy.
  • High-performance additive with antioxidation capability and reduce the consumption and corruption of tools.
  • Containing rust preventive for non-ferrous metal that has outstanding protection to aluminum alloy.
  • Outstanding bio-stability eliminates rotten problem of cutting coolant and extends the life cycle of the soluble liquid.
  • Environment friendly ingredients – without Chlorine, Nitrite Fe and heavy metals.
  • Can be used general hydrophilic cutting coolant.

Application :

  • Suitable for high speed and heavy duty lathing, milling and grinding.

Suggested ratio :

  • aluminum alloy heavy duty 1:10, PH:9.4
  • general 1:20, PH:9.2
  • refractive index 1:20 - 2.1