Stainless Steel Oilness Forming Oil Series

Specifications : STP-32, STP-46, STP-80, STP-120

Description :

Containing synthetic ester and high polar additive which smoothens the surface of the working piece, avoids the product from damaging and protects tools.

Features :

  • Containing chloroparaffin, synthetic sulphur and synthetic ester.
  • Odourless, Reduce the discomfort of the operation personnel.
  • Increase lubrication and surface polishing.
  • Outstanding rust-protection.

Characteristics :

Item STP-32 STP-46 STP-80 STP-120
Outlook (Visual) Brown Brown Brown Brown
Color ASTM D1500  L 3.0 >L3.0 >L3.0 >L3.0
Specific gravity at15 °C 0.878 0.88 0.89 0.9
Flash point °C 232 240 245 252
Viscosity 40 °C cst 31 45 80 120
TAN (mgKOH/g)        
Copper test ASTM D130 1-100A3 1-100A3 1-100A3 1-100A3