Meet the specifications API SL JASO MA-II

Description :

  • Four-stroke 15W40 scooter oil.
  • Max-Lube 15W40 scooter oil is a premium lubricant formulated to optimize your scooter's engine efficiency and longevity. This 15W40 motorcycle oil has a special anti-wear agent, and good lubricating properties, which ensures superior protection against friction, wear, and corrosion, delivering smooth operation and enhanced engine durability. We also provide other types of oil such as 15W50 motorcycle oil and 4 stroke engine oil 20W40, welcome to learn more.
  • Low ash formula, reduce knock, protect the exhaust system, to avoid blockage.

Application :

  • For the entire factory locomotive engine, jet engine, and ceramic cylinder engine, 15W40 scooter oil would be an ideal choice for applications.

Packing 1LX24, 0.8LX24