High Performance Two-Stroke Hybrid Oil 25 : 1

Meet the specifications: API TC, JASO FD, ISO EGD

Description :

  • 2 stroke oil 25 to 1 from Max-Lube can extend Mars plug and engine life, providing excellent engine protection. We also provide other oil products including SAE 90 EP gear oil and SAE 15W40 4-stroke oil. If you have any needs, welcome to get in touch with us.
  • Low-smoke formula, high speed and high temperature resistant operation can keep the cylinder lubrication is normal, keep the Mars plug and exhaust system clean.
  • To prevent the piston ring groove glue and carbon deposition phenomenon.
  • Low-temperature start easy.

Application :

  • 2 Stroke oil 25:1 is suitable for applications like air-cooled and water-cooled two-stroke gasoline engines.
  • Lawn mower, chainsaw machine, backpack blower, cultivator two stroke engine,Mixing ratio recommendations:
    • General light work (long-term shutdown after a short-term self-cultivation) 1 liter 92 or 95 premium gasoline 40cc 2T 25: 1.
    • Ordinary homework (self-farming requires full-time homework) 1 liter 92 or 95 premium gasoline 40cc ~ 45cc 2T 25: 1.
    • Heavy Occupation (Professional, all-weather long-term operation) 1 liter 92 or 95 Premium gasoline with 45cc 2T 25: 1.

Packing 1L