Long-Lasting Environmentally Friendly Heavy Truck Synthetic Lubricants 15W40

Meet the specifications : 15W-40 API SN / CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 PLUS, ACEA E7, E9-12, VOLVO VDS-4, MB-Approval 228.31

Description :

  • Max-Lube heavy duty truck engine oil complied with Fu and API CK-4 / SN, Europe ACEA E7, and E9-08 grade. This low-ash, environmentally friendly heavy duty truck oil is designed to effectively safeguard and prolong engine life while reducing harmful emissions of particulate matter, thus curbing air pollution.
  • With the addition of high shear-resistant environmental additives, our heavy-duty truck oil ensures optimal performance for new high-performance engines, maximizing horsepower over extended periods of operation. This formula provides long-lasting protection, maintaining consistent horsepower levels and allowing for extended intervals between oil changes. For more products like SAE 15W40 4-stroke oil and SAE 10W40 synthetic diesel engine oil, please contact us.

Application :

  • High performance and four, five and six European standard diesel common rail engine emission standard turbocharged engine, and with the installation of DPD, DOC, DPF and other diesel particulate filtration system of medium-heavy diesel engine, high-speed heavy-duty diesel Engines, and large diesel generators, agricultural traction machines, harvesters, trucks, trailers, high-speed buses, construction machinery and so on. (High temperature and high torque common operating environment diesel engine, the oil can provide better protection)

Packing :  200L, 5GAL, 4L