High-performance molybdenum four-stroke engine with lubricating oil MOLY SAE 15W50

Meet the specifications: API SL/CI-4

Description :

  • Molybdenum engine oil is also known as Moly engine oil. Formulated with a high viscosity index, Molybdenum engine oil is enriched with top-quality Moly additive. Operating effectively at elevated temperatures, it creates a robust oil film within the engine, effectively lowering operating temperatures, boosting horsepower, lightening the throttle response, and ensuring smoother engine performance.
  • MOLY engine oil with a high TBN value effectively safeguards the engine and bearings. It helps prevent acid corrosion resulting from the combustion of high-sulfur fuel, thereby extending the oil change intervals and enhancing the engine's lifespan.
  • Molybdenum engine oil boasts powerful cleansing properties along with anti-oxidation, shear resistance, and anti-wear characteristics, all contributing to substantial fuel efficiency gains. If you need other types of lubricant like heavy duty truck engine oil and high performance engine oil, feel free to contact us.

Application :

  • Designed for four-stroke turbocharged engine structure designed to play the highest performance engine, the new and old models are applicable.
  • For high-speed heavy-duty diesel four-stroke engine, and large-scale diesel generators, large trucks, agricultural machinery, traction machines, harvesters, including turbocharged fuel injection multi-valve and other new diesel engine.(Not recommended for use on common rail injection system diesel engine with DPF unit)

Packing:  200L, 5GAL, 4L, 1L