High-performance four-stroke engine with lubricating oil SAE 20W50

Meet the specifications : API SL / CF-4, JASO MA2

Description :

  • SAE 20W50 motor oil with a high oil film effectively safeguards and prolongs engine life. It mitigates high-temperature dilution and enhances wear resistance. Besides, SAE 20W50 motor oil is often preferred in regions with warmer climates or during hot summer months due to its thicker viscosity at higher temperatures, which helps maintain proper lubrication and protection under heat stress.
  • To high shear resistance of environmental additives, the engine to maximize the horsepower and driving a long time, Everbright Horsepower maintenance does not fall.
  • SAE 20W50 motor oil offers outstanding anti-wear properties and high anti-oxidation effects, effectively safeguarding the engine and prolonging its lifespan.
  • SAE 20W50 motor oil offers excellent cleaning effects without generating sludge or fouling. To get more types of oil such as Molybdenum engine oil and SAE 15W40 4 stroke oil, feel free to contact us.

Application :

  • Designed for four-stroke engine structure designed to play the highest engine performance, both new and old models are applicable.
  • For air-cooled cultivator and small van four-stroke engine, the Japanese brands. Type four stroke engine with fuel injection. Multi-valve and other new four-stroke engine.

Packing :  200L, 5GAL, 4L, 1L