High-performance four-stroke engine with lubricating oil SAE 40

Meet the specifications : API SL / CF-4

Description :

  • SAE 40 lube oil offers excellent dispersion, effectively preventing sludge buildup and reducing the risk of carbon ring formation or piston ring sticking.
  • Enhanced with high-performance additives, our SAE 40 engine oil demonstrates exceptional resistance to high temperatures, effectively mitigating engine wear and corrosion. In addition to SAE 40 lube oil, Max-Lube also provides other high-quality oils like SAE 20W50 motor oil and MOLY engine oil. Welcome to contact us for further information.
  • Shear particularly good, protect the engine parts, oxidation stability, reduce oil degradation, increase the use of time.

Application :

  • Designed for four-stroke, low-torque, high-torque, gasoline-to-diesel engine construction, the older engine provides better protection of the oil film.
  • Suitable for air-cooled cultivator and low-speed high-torque diesel four-stroke engine, the Japanese brands. Four-stroke gasoline and diesel engines, multi-valve and other new four-stroke engine.

Packing 200L, 5GAL, 4L, 1L